Tona Totka Tantrik

Tona Totka Tantrik

Tona and Totka are famous forms of tantric practice prevailed all over India. Here is a comprehensive explanation about tona and totka.

India English Tona means Sorcery and Totka mean Potteries. We will talk about the confusion and truth and real difference between tona and toka because even today people are ignorant of the reality of these two forms and know them both unknowingly as same.

Difference Between Tona and Totka

In fact, the first and obvious difference between tona and totka is that tona is done only for the purpose of doing evil while totka is done for the purpose of doing something good. That is, tona(sorcery) is the wrong way of attaining practicable and Totka is the sacred way of attaining practicable.

Why are tona and totka performed?

The main goal of doing tona to take revenge with an enemy by making him or her lose his physical and mental peace. Tona done for putting someone under various type of troubles while Totke has its own self-interest but no one else’s loss at all.

A totka is performed keeping in view the defined method. If we do not follow the prescribed method completely while performing a totka then it is not going to give you any result. That is why it is always recommended not to perform a totka by self but take help of Shastri Ji. Shastri ji is able to perform any tona or totka which will give you 100% result very fast. Whereas Totka is in most cases completely based on law and its working can be guaranteed only if the law outlined is strictly followed.

The interesting thing about tona and totke is that they have been present in all geo-climatic-ecological-ecological-social environments and their direction has been the same in different time zones. The only problem is that if they are tried in the tribal-tribal society of Africa, they differ from the methods adopted in Asian countries on linguistic and cultural level.

Totke comes under the Tantra-mantra kriya. Every trick depends purely on two things, first, what is the procedure adopted for it and second, in which language, which mantra is used for it.
Many tricks are tried exactly in the language of the general public, while some complex tricks are completely bound in Sanskrit. However, the general belief about them is that they do not have any effect on linguistic affinity, but the mechanism is more important in their success, with the help of which they are organized. Traditionally or from the point of view of the modern age, we all know that always two types of energy work, positive and negative, when negative energy has more influence on a particular person, he or she starts behaving in a wrong way, keeps getting sick, starts getting seduced, or does something like madness, it all happens with the effect of negative energy when a person is in a different state. This is done by transmitting negative energy around him, which we also call sorcery or totka,

What precautions are to be taken while performing any Tona or Totka?
If you do any mistake or make ignorance while performing totka then it is excusable but you must take due care while performing any tona, because tona, if done with negligence or mistake it, can counter attack you. Therefore we always strictly advise you to contact Shastri Ji for any work related to tona and totka.