Sampoorna Vashikaran Maha Yantra

Sampoorna Vashikaran Maha Yantra

Sampoorna Vashikaran Maha Yantra is a powerful and effective medium for excellent results for Vasikaran. It attracts everyone who comes in contact with the Devotee, Leaves a strong impression, and influences them with blessings of Lord Kamdev – the God of Desires and Son of Lord Brahma and Shatrupa. Deity Prasuti is his sister. He depicted with hands holding Bow made of Sugarcane and Arrow decorated with five types of flowers like a white and blue lotus, Ashoka tree, Mango tree, and Jasmine. He is riding on Parrot. According to Vedic rituals, devotion to Kamadeva keeps desire within the structure of the religious tradition. He appears to become the object of devotional rituals for those seeking health, physical beauty, husbands, wives, and sons. Kamadev himself surrender to desire, and must then worship his lover to released from this love and its affliction.

Vashikaran Mantra: II Shreem Hreem Shreem II Om Shreem Aim Hreem Klim Vashikaran Kuru Kuru Swaha II
Mohini Vashikaran Mantra: II Shreem Hreem Shreem II Om Shreem Aim Hreem Klim Mohini Vashikaran Kuru Kuru Swaha II
Aakarshan Mantra: II Om Namo Aadi Puravana Amukasyakarshana Kuru Kuru Swaha II
Rudra Mantra: II Om Tatpurushay Mahadevay Vidmahe Tanno Rudra Prachodayat II

Yantra is a great astronomical conveyor of energy, an aerial of Nature, a powerful medium for peace, victory, achievement. The soul and mind focus at the center of the Yantra to reach more essential levels of divinity. Yantra made of pure copper and consists of geometric patterns. It precisely built in a thick and pure copper sheet with pure gold plating. Magical numbers maths combination and chant mantra. It blesses the devotee with good health, focus. Japa of mantra and Yantra can lead to concentration and peace.