Learn here How to do Vashikaran at Home

Learn here How to do Vashikaran at Home

Step by Step guide for doing vashikaran at Home
There are various mantras and totke which can be performed at home easily. Here we have mentioned Shastri Ji’s hand picked vashikaran mantras and totke which is highly helpful in creating very strong vashikaran.

How to do love vashikaran at home?

For doing love vashikaran at home follow the below mentioned instruction.

First, put some drops of Ganga Jal (Ganga river water) and Kewda Jal(Rose Water) into a bucket of water. Now put your right hand in that water bucket and chant the mantra mentioned below 108 times.

“Om Namo Vasudevay, (name of your girlfriend or boyfriend) mum vashyam kuru kuru swaha”

After finishing the mantra chanting, take bath with that water. Do this process regularly for 11 days. This creates a very strong and long-lasting vashikaran. Repeat this process after some weeks if you feel that the result is decreasing.

How to do Husband or wife vashikaran at Home?

There can be two situations when you need vashikaran on your husband or wife. First, in the situation when you both living together but the relationship is not going well because of any reason and secondly in the situation when you both living separately because of any reason.

In first situation – the vashikaran mantra to control husband or wife is :-

“Om Namo Bhagwati, Ugraroopini ll

ujjayani Mahakali (Name of husband or wife) vashikaran parde ll

kaleem jeevrashi ku, aaju mere pagtare karo ll

mere vashay vashay na karo to aadi kaal bhairav ki aan ll

raam chandra ji ki aan ll

guru aas aadam ll

In Second Situation – The Vashikaran mantra to control wife or husband is

“Om Namo Bhagwate, Shri Suryaye hrim sahastra-kirnay ain atun-bal-parakramay, nav-grah-dash-dik-paal-lakshmi-dev-vaay, dharm-karm sahitaay, (Name of wife or husband) Nathay Nathay, Mohay Mohay, Akarshay Akarshay dasanudasam, kuru kuru,vash kuru kuru sawaha ll